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Tempus Fugit “Time Flies!”

Apartment living can be a happy trap.

For a relatively reasonable price you can live a luxurious life but as time goes by the cost of renting does not accumulate equity and here in Los Angeles over time properties generally appreciate in value.

         There is an alternative!

What is Different About House Network Realty?

New buyers Incentive, we will rebate you with 10% of our commission at the close of escrow. You can use this money for closing or moving costs, furnishings or whatever you choose, with this option we will meet you at the property through the whole process including viewing, inspections, appraisal and final walk through. With either option we will guide you and handle all the documentations, disclosures, contingency removal, extensions and more.

We also have another option. We can set up appointments for you to view the properties and you go on your own. If you want to make an offer, we will comp. out the value of the property, send you those comp.’s and advise you on a strategy to buy the property. If you go to the peripeties on your own we will rebate you with 25% of our earned commission at the close of escrow.


Do You Already Have A Trusted Real Estate Agent?

You can purchase either a condominium, single family home or Income property which will generate income to help pay your mortgage.

Why choose House Network Realty to represent you as your Buyer’s agent?

We have developed an evasive way for you to successfully purchase a property. You are not obligated to work only with us, only if you choose. We are compensated from the sellers. We only earn our commission if we represent you on a closed transaction, so you have nothing to lose.


Do You Need to Get Pre-Qualified?

At House Network Realty we make purchasing a property easy. Please tell us where you would like to buy and we send you emails on a daily basis of potential properties available. We will not call you or pressure you in anyway If you are interested, we are all over it!

The first step in purchasing a property is to be pre-qualified by a Bank or lending company. We can assist you in that process and direct you to a lending company or you can choose to go to whomever you want. After you are pre-qualified, you will know what you are able to purchase, how much money down you will need and approximate monthly payments. There are several grant programs for first time buyers for assistance with down payments.


Would You Like Assistance Negotiating The Purchase Price?

We educate the buyers through the entire purchasing process. There are many ways to save money when you buy a property, we will teach you these ways to save. Savings include negotiating the purchase price and re-negotiating the price after the inspection and appraisal. We also recommend reasonable contractors to renovate or alter the property if required, we have a directory of reasonable Inspectors/contractors and we will focus on getting you the best value.

The House Network Realty Brokage will personally stay in contact with you to educate and direct you through buying a property. I, Cary Goldstone have over thirty years’ experience in Selling different types of properties and will provide the ultimate personal touch.

Let's Work Together

Please call, email or text for details or any questions; Cary and his associates will quickly respond to you!

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