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"Cary was an extremely dedicated broker during our entire home search, which spanned several months. He drove us all over Los Angeles - we must have visited 40+ homes with him.  He never once grew impatient with us and understood that we were waiting to find the perfect fit for our family. Cary was a great listener, and as opposed to other brokers we worked with in the past, he did not try to sell us on anything. He sought to understand what we were looking for within our means. He was able to hone in on our taste and needs.  He also is knowledgeable about the business. We were first time home buyers and he was patient and understanding.  He was informative about some of the nuances of the market and the mortgage process. He also fought for us and got more information on homes that held interest for us."

- Daniel Stolzman, Los Angeles


"I would recommend Cary Goldstone and House Network to anyone and everyone. I have completed 3 sales and purchases with Cary in the last 18 months and I will continue to create my wealth goals with him. We have made top dollar due to his techniques in working with difficult buyers, brokers and sellers. We have seen it all.  He is smooth, unruffled and compassionate. He uses gentle influence to guide me and others to their best potential. He is fair and knows the subtleties of the ever changing market. He is adept at single family, or in multi units. I have learned so much from his expertise and he is a pleasure to work with. I rely on him for the general legal, technical, constructural and market evaluation advice. I appreciate that he is not with a big firm with dozens of players all not knowing what the other is doing. He is straight forward, easy to reach and available. He is diverse in knowledge of all parts of Los Angeles. He puts in extra effort when needed. He is a gem."

~ Treesa Robinson, Los Angeles/West Hollywood/Malibu


“Cary, Thank you so much for all the hours of dedicated time you gave us in finding another house! I know it’s a daunting task and you did it day after day, week after week. I don’t know how many other agents would have hung in there as you did. And, this was a “short sale”, which took weeks of your perseverance and holding our hand throughout the process. I’m sure you’ll get the call again, after we sell this one!”

~ Jerry Hartman, Los Angeles


"I have been a realtor in Scottsdale Arizona for over 40 years with Russ Lyon. When my son and I bought my retirement spot in Brentwood this past winter, I was impressed by the professional manner that Cary Goldstone carried through on the entire process. I knew the price I wanted to pay, and I wasn't sure that the sellers would take our offer. Through his diligence, patience and clear mindedness we were able to close quickly. He was very efficient and I appreciate his breadth of knowledge in all areas of each step. He is first class and made this transition easy. Many thanks Cary!"

~ Mary Muir, Scottsdale/Brentwood


“What impressed me most about Cary Goldstone wasn’t the fact he was the hardest working broker I ever saw, or the most knowledgeable about the market I ever worked with, or his total dedication to finding the best deal for his clients. It was Cary’s honesty and creative solutions to the myriad of issues and problems that invariably arise in purchasing a home. As a first-time buyer, he effortlessly put to rest my wife’s and my anxieties about where to buy and how to best finance, as well as steering us to the property that best suited our needs. Cary Goldstone helped remove so much of the fear and uncertainty attached to buying real estate, especially for first timers like us, making the process of finding our dream home a joy, not a nightmare.”

~ Joel Newman, Los Angeles


"Cary located a West Hollywood Tri-plex for me last year. It has been my life saver and I appreciate him because he helped me realize its full potential. He was a thorough and articulate with the seller. He gave me encouragement and clear reasoning in a time that seemed daunting. I loved working with him and I notice everyone falls in love with his style. Easy mannered but firm. He has good negotiation skills, creative but practical and knowledgeable about comps - it all worked. I would definitely recommend him. My tri-plex is thriving, thanks to him.  He gets 5 stars for helping me get started in the real estate world."

Kaitlin Blair, West Hollywood 


“As a first-time buyer, I couldn’t have had a more helpful real estate agent than Cary. He walked me through the process of buying a home step-by-step from the initial showing all the way through to checking up on me after closing. He is flexible and accommodating, and is someone who you want on your side. If it weren’t for Cary’s work and connections, I would have ended up paying more for my piece of property. He has worked with a lot of people in the business in Greater Los Angeles County. You won’t be disappointed.”

~ Eli Kallison, Los Angeles


“Cary is not just a realtor, but a true ally in your house hunt. When I met him, I had been working with a different agent for 5 months and had put in over 20 offers without much luck. Cary restored my faith in the process with his direct and frank attitude. He is creative and an out of the box thinker who presented me with many ideas and options I hadn’t even considered. His advice and support were invaluable every step of the way. Thanks to him, today I not only have the home I’ve always hoped for, but feel confident the decision made was the best possible.”

~ Lora Ivanova, Los Angeles

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